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Independent Authorized Lindal Cedar Homes Dealer

Architecture is Nature at Home

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Jerry Sjoberg and the team at Home Design Mfg have been crafting homes in southeastern Wisconsin since 1983. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of “form follows function,” their homes reflect the natural beauty of the area in which they are built. Their experience and expertise provide them the ability to craft homes that reflect their homeowners’ unique personalities and styles while meeting the highest standards for quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

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Lindal Post & Beam

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Jerry Sjoberg / Owner

Jerry Sjoberg, Owner of Home Design Mfg believes that “Architecture is Nature at Home.” Your home represents a dream of yours that reflects an extension of you and your relationship with your surroundings.  Jerry utilizes the design philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright that encompasses thoughtful approaches to natural materials, the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces and the rise of Eco-friendly design - nature resonates throughout a home and the outside is brought inside. In addition, as an authorized Lindal Cedar Home dealer/ representative, Jerry also incorporates the architectural art of post and beam construction.  Post and beam home construction offers flexibility in the placement of interior walls resulting in modern,  light-filled open floor plans.

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We Build Green

 Jerry Sjoberg and his team at  Home Design Mfg have embraced the green concept for over two decades. As a Certified Green Professional™ , Jerry's commitment to building green goes far beyond just choosing environmentally-friendly materials. A tremendous foresight is given to environmental consciousness and the impact on household operating costs, safety of the products used in construction, and the relationship of the construction to it's surroundings- including natural elements like the Sun.  "I strive to be one with the environment," says Sjoberg.  You can be assured the philosophy of living in harmony with nature comes to the forefront when a client’s vision starts becoming a reality. 

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