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Green Building

As a Certified Green Builder, the Home Design teams commitment to building green goes far beyond just choosing environmentally friendly materials - it involves a comprehensive vision of the project from the ground up. Knowing how these elements affect your building project is essential when your objective is to blend with Nature. Utilizing the earth and sun's orientation and natural seasonal variations of summer/winter solstice allows for natural energy-efficiency and maximized natural light within the home. 

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Green Certification, Products & Materials


The Certified Green Professional™ designation recognizes builders for incorporating green and sustainable building practices into a home without driving up the cost of construction. To be certified, builders must complete stringent coursework that upon completion will provide a solid background in green building methods from the leading authority responsible for providing green building solutions to the home building industry.

Products of Green Building include energy efficient windows, insulated sheathing options, more sustainable siding and roofing products, foundation and whole house insulated concrete form systems, solar technologies, low flow toilets and shower heads, non-formaldehyde adhesives, recycled content carpeting, energy efficient lighting and very high efficiency air filters and heat recovery or energy recovery ventilation's.

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Healthier Building Choices


Jerry also places a special emphasis on building a healthy structure. “I won’t use OSB (oriented strand board). I only use plywood,” says Jerry. “The extra cost is really very minimal and it’s a much healthier choice. OSB emits toxic gases, so I just don’t use it,” he adds. “My goal is to build a healthy, nature-friendly home that even your grandchildren will enjoy.”

Other building standards Jerry adheres to are 2×6 exterior walls yielding R20 insulation factor along with double caulking (inside and out) of windows and the taping of door and window flanges to keep moisture, and thus, mold out of the structure. Jerry also emphasizes that they use 14” roof rafters instead of 12’, giving a full 3’ of air space above the insulation cavity, again yielding better energy efficiency and protecting the home from condensation.

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Environmentally Conscious Partnerships


As an Authorized Lindal Dealer, Jerry is able to partner with Lindal Cedar Homes,  a world leader in home design, whose environmental consciousness has been a cornerstone for generations.  Lindal and Jerry partner together to ensure a quality built, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly home. Lindal also actively supports replenishment by helping plant trees on behalf of new Lindal home buyers via the American Forests Global Releaf Program

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