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Bringing Nature Home

For over 35 years, Jerry Sjoberg has utilized the earth and sun's orientation and natural seasonal variations of summer/winter solstice to incorporate natural energy-efficiency and maximized natural light within the home.  Clients can choose from an exquisite collection of nature-inspired designs including those in collaboration with international partner Lindal Cedar Homes available exclusively through Home Design Mfg.

Once such example is the 1980 Taliesin Project in Spring Green, WI.  Jerry had the distinct honor to collaborate with Architectural Designer Aris Georges and former faculty member of Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The 1,933 sqft  Lindal Cedar Homes Taliesin project personifies Wrights vision of the Usonian Home. The roof line is perfect for summer shading, yet the winter solstice roof line and fins let the sun in to produce heat and comfort. A true masterpiece honoring the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Frank Lloyd Wrights Taliesan- Spring Green, WI

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We are a generational home builder. I am now building homes for clients kids and grandkids. It's an honor to have earned that kind of trust.

Jerry Sjoberg

Architectural Designer

Jerry Sjoberg, trained architect and owner of Home Design Mfg, has been in the business of custom home building since 1983. Jerry’s objective is to create the perfect environment for each client, and take extra time to visit the owner’s home site to determine how each structure can become an integral part of the landscape. Thoughtful design and the use of premium materials are hallmarks of his work. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Jerry’s philosophy that "architecture is nature at home" is evident in his designs.  He has collaborated with architectural designer Aris Georges and former faculty member of Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. He utilizes the Summer and Winter solstices to maximize light in his projects and his nature-inspired designs are distinctive, earning him a reputation as one of the leading builders in the area.

For Jerry,  building within nature and empowering lives through nature are his passion. This can be witnessed at his Fontana, Wi Home and Design Studio.  Jerry built his dream home, nestled in a 22-acre forest one mile north of the Village of Fontana.  He added a design center and workshop just 500 feet from his front door and  planted 300 evergreens for additional comfort. Trails are cut around the property, where he often see

turkeys, foxes and deer. Jerry, his wife Rachel and

3 pups love their natural retreat and sometimes

don't leave the property for days.  "I designed my

own lifestyle"  says Jerry. This is the very goal

he has as a company when building a home for

others. "I want them to be as happy as I am."

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